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Give the Gift of Mindfulness!

Treat someone you care for with the gifts of reduced stress, more focus and better sleep.

*Each gift card unlocks a non-recurring Premium Membership with unlimited access to our Premium library with courses and meditation from some of the most renowned teachers in the world.

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Improved life changes as a result of regular use of The Mindfulness App*

Less Stressed

Less Stressed

Improved Focus

Improved Focus

Better Sleep

Better Sleep

*Answers from a survey of 1000 users of The Mindfulness App.

The positive impact of The Mindfulness App across the world

Easy and Soothing!

Easy to use and navigate. I’m a beginner and feel calmer and less anxious 2 weeks into using this app. Calm instruction with easy to listen to tones and voices. Feeling a little more mindful everyday.

-Oscar E.

Helps Me To Focus!

It’s amazing how easy it is to actually meditate and even more amazing to see the positive differences it can bring. Thank you for teaching me how to meditate and how to focus and bring my concentration back to where it needs to be when it starts to wander.

-Lynn S.

For Restless Minds & Bodies!

I would love to tell everyone l know who is having a hard time sleeping or simply relaxing that meditation and mindfulness will help to overcome overthinking and restlessness of mind and body. Try it. You will be surprised.

-Edgar G.