Fiorenza Rossini

Fiorenza Rossini

Fiorenza Rossini is a certified professional coach and mindfulness teacher. She works with high-achievers, go-getters, visionary entrepreneurs, driven professionals and helps them reach their full potential while sustaining a healthy work-life balance. She believes in positive and mindful leadership and partners with organisations to create the next generation of leaders: mindful leaders. Fiorenza is the founder of Generation Mindful®️ With an Italian and French heritage, Fiorenza now lives in London, in the UK.




Foundational, Relationships, Body, Emotions, Stress Relief, Focus, Sleep & Travel Meditations

Enjoy a preview of Méditation d'Automne

Cette méditation vous aide à être plus ouvert et tolérant face aux changements naturels et aux transitions qui se présentent dans votre vie.

Méditation d'Automne

By Fiorenza Rossini | Méditation d'Automne

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